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Screaming Chicken in the News

Innovative in Vancouver’s performance scene, Screaming Chicken produces the Taboo Revue at the WISE Hall in East Van (the city’s longest-running burlesque show), as well as staging a host of interactive musicals (Greece Does Grease, Terror at Rock Out Beach) and reigning supreme on the international stage earning accolades in major American burlesque cities like New York and Las Vegas. Read More

The great thing about Screaming Chicken Theatrical Society... is that the company truly honours the “new” in “new burlesque.” The women on-stage here are subjects, rather than objects; they’re celebrating their erotic selves on their own terms for their own pleasure—and inviting us along for the ride. - Colin Thomas, Georgia Straight

It was a Revue where all kinds of fantasies came to light, where voices were lost due to screaming, where hands were numb from clapping. My calendar is currently being marked in countdown until the next Taboo Revue in September... Read More

I know I'm not the only one who's noticed a resurgence in the minds, hearts, and groins of the general populous when it comes to burlesque. It is, as it always has been, a titillating and intriguing form of entertainment that has the best kind of guarantee: the kind that comes from an evening in the presence of pleasantly bouncing pasties... or dildonics as the case may be... Read More

When it comes to the Screaming Chickens, it’s no holds barred for creativity, and crossing the line is the name of the game... Read More

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