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SCreaming Chicken Executives & Board of Directors 2014/15

Melody Mangler - Artistic Director

Melody is a founding member and current artistic director of Screaming Chicken Theatrical Society. As well as being a co-founder of the Vancouver International Burlesque festival, Melody performs regularly in Screaming Chicken productions the Taboo Revue Burlesque Variety Show and the Becoming Burlesque Graduation Recitals (as host). Her brand of burlesque tends toward the theatrical producing many full length spectacles such as Ed Wood’s Orgy of the Dead – LIVE, Sex, Violence and Nursery Rhymes, The Christmas Spectacular, Greece, Terror at Rock Out Beach and Oliver Fannie, many of which she has written, starred in or directed. Melody won best debut at the Burlesque Hall of Fame in 2009 and has either competed for queen of burlesque or performed ever since. Her passion for performance has brought her across Canada, throughout the United States and even as far as Australia. 

A dedicated fan and supporter of Burlesque both locally and internationally, Norm has been producing and promoting festivals, live music, variety and burlesque events for 18 years. He is a founding member of Screaming Chicken Theatrical Society and the Vancouver International Burlesque Festival. Beyond Vancouver, he has contributed backstage at the New York Burlesque Festival and the Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekend in Las Vegas and is a widely recognized member of the international burlesque community whom he considers his extended family. A strong believer in the importance of amauture arts and community building, Norm continues to work towards making the Vancouver burlesque scene one of the strongest in world.

Norm Elmore - Production Director
Dezi Desire - President

Vancouver's stripped-down vigilante, Bruce began performing with the Screaming Chicken Theatrical Society with the 2012 Becoming Boylesque class, and has been a regular visitor the the stage ever since. With his blend of serious, sexy and hilarious stripping, this Stark Knight has risen for festivals in Vancouver, Edmonton, Ottawa and shows across Canada. Currently the Vice President of the Screaming Chickens and co-producer of the annual nerdlesque show Beam Me Up, Sexy, Bruce Wang is the hero you didn’t do anything to deserve, but have to put up with anyway.

Dee Twenty - Vice President


Diva The Violet Femme- Treasurer


E.Ville Dewar - Secretary 


Glory S Gamms - Member At Large


Gia Sangria - Member At Large


Major Thong - Member At Large


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